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2014 Member Tax Deductions

If you missed any of the previous emails with this info, follow the link to download tax deduction information for 2014.





Member Health Insurance Issues

Over the past year we have had dozens of members report issues with their PPO health insurance. Problems have ranged form delays in service and payments to denials of previously approved treatments. The 1301 Board of Directors is aggressively pursuing any and all problems our members are having with this "benefit". 

At this time we are asking our members to contact our Health Benefits liaison in the CAO's office with any insurance issues you and your family may have.  Eric Nisbett is available at any time for 1301 members who experience any issues whatsoever with their health insurance. Our goal is to move quickly to report problems and have them resolved.

Eric Nisbett can be reached at 661.868.3151 or can be found in Groupwise under Eric Nisbett.




Sign Up!

If you have not signed up for membership or are not receiving email alerts from 1301, now is the time!  Important information on political action, special events, and membership meetings are sent out to members of this site.  If you have not taken the time to sign up, please do by following this link.  Registering takes only a minute and once your request is received, access will be granted the same day.

For those who have previously registered and are not receiving email, please click here and verify that your contact information and email address are correct.

Membership and email alerts are for current 1301 members and Retirees.



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